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Anchors and Sails - math for preschoolers
The method used

Often parents teach their kids to chant the numbers and this is fun. But it is easy to see that kids don't know what the numbers mean.

Just like little kids can learn to name their toys though, they can learn to identify the numbers if we do this one number at a time, explaining its shape and giving lots of examples.

We start with just a few numbers, one to five.

We count cookies, peas, toys, windows. We practise adding and taking away. We group them. We look at pennies and explain about nickels.

A bicycle; Actual size=240 pixels wide

We learn the number six and play with dice.

A water bottle; Actual size=180 pixels wide

We learn numbers to ten and study the abacus, numbers to twelve and study measuring, geometry.

We play card games, explain Roman numerals, count to one hundred and explain dollars, quarters, dominoes.

We count by twos and fives and explain seasons, months. We learn to tell time by the clock.

We cut up cake into fractions. We double recipes. We incorporate math into daily life.