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Anchors and Sails - math for preschoolers
About Us

Anchors and Sails was designed over the course of 20 years to meet the needs of children before and outside the regular school system.

The course designer is Bev Jaremko, graduate of the University of Calgary, Canada and experienced teacher at the elementary and secondary levels of the public system.

The real inspiration however was her four children with whom she stayed home for many years.

Careful observation of the learning style of 3-5 year olds led her to create a series of courses that responded to their concrete interests and their very short attention spans.

Basic Philosophy

It is her belief that adults give children anchors of love and affection

but they give them sails when they teach them usable skills - math, reading.

What do kids need to learn?

Kids have a sense of who gets more cookies than someone else, of equality, of fairness. They are enthralled by coins. They like counting rhymes but aren't sure what they mean. They like measuring things, especially food. We can use these natural curiosities to teach them to add, subtract, measure, count, make purchases, save.

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Give your child a gentle and logically progressing introduction to an important life skill.