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Anchors and Sails - math for preschoolers
When to teach the child

Each 3-5 year old is different but once there is a hint the child is curious about numbers, this is a time to start.

Like reading, math is a skill that people come to with their own theories and misconceptions.

So teaching the course is best one -on-one. Take time to hear what the child is wondering and to explain using examples that child cares about - toy trucks, dolls, steam engines. Make the lesson relevant to that child's favorite hobbies and foods.

Only teach a page or two a day. Keep the lesson a privilege, and if the child wants to do more, sometimes say no and wait till the next day.

Make sure math is never a punishment. It's a pleasure.

It's important to encourage the child and praise him/her.
Mistakes in math are usually logical ones.

A good time to teach the 5-10 minute lesson is right after breakfast, so that for the rest of the day as situations arise you can subtly supplement the lesson with cheese cut in strips, numbers observed on street signs etc.

If your child is already in school, it is of course not too late.

These lessons merely ensure that the child has moved through the logical steps. If the school reinforces them, so much the better. If the school misses some due to change in teacher or method, at least this course ensures the child did not miss out.

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