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Anchors and Sails - math for preschoolers


Many adults feel comfortable with math.

But as we all know, math is essential to daily life, buying and selling, budgeting, saving and is crucial to an understanding of chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, medicine. The logic it teaches is good training for solving mysteries, for philosophy, for thinking clearly and making decisions.

When children are very young they already express an interest in their age, in counting on their fingers, in knowing their phone number and address. Even at age 3 their natural curiosity about numbers is evident.

We can use this as a TEACHABLE MOMENT to slowly and very naturally introduce them to math.

And this will be a life-long gift, not only helping them do well in school, but more important, helping them do well in life.

The self-esteem we build for them doesn't hurt either.

A bicycle; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Anchors and Sails is an instruction series for the very young, offered at very low cost (in this case $35 Canadian, $25 US).

Teacher and mom-designed

Your 3-5 year old is very clever.
Let us help you both discover new skills
for this brilliant young mind.

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